Product Development

Photonics Assistance

We can help you solve your photonic problems in house or on site. Here are some typical specification questions our engineering staff will seek to understand:

  • Spectral Range: (min and max) 
  • Temporal Spectral Stability
  • Working Area (size and shape)
  • Working Distance (source output to working area)
  • Uniformity at Working Area
  • Irradiance at Working Area
  • Cycle Rate
  • Settle Time

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Conceptual Design

Have an idea of what you want to accomplish but do not have the technical staff to move forward. Utilize our gated process and engage our team where and when you need it.

Save Money by simulating prior to prototype: 

OptisWorks® within SolidWorks® Models a real world environment

Precision OEM Subsystems

Small Run / Low Cost

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Design & Development

Illumination Technologies provides expertise in product design and development from conceptual phase through production launch, or any points in between.  Our business model offers a lot of flexibility and creativity in finding a relationship that works.  Successful projects include the following:

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