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Machine Vision Applications include standard designs and custom applications. Please contact Illumination Technologies Inc. for more details at 800-738-4297

LED Ringlights

OEM Assemblies


In many cases we work directly with system designers, machine builders, and/or integrators to provide OEM components or modules designed to do a very specific function with very well characterized specifications. We help our clients develop these specifications so that in serial production these devices meet the requirement 100% of the time. In this manner we can  ensure that an optimized design is developed, and that the final QC testing of each module is sufficient to ensure that every OEM module will provide the expected system requirement.

Proven Results

We have decades of experience in the deployment of linescan solutions for industries as diverse as flat panel display, printed circuit board, postal and parcel sorting, surface inspection, thin transparent films, and many others. This combination brightfield and darkfield OEM component level solution for linescan application provides excellent image control for a number of applications. The different structural modes can be adjusted in real time, allowing the user to manipulate both structure and spectral properties to drive high contrast imaging solutions for a number of scanning applications.

Automated Inspection

The inspection of mass produced optically clear or translucent materials presents some of the most challenging problems for automated inspection. Using specially designed LED-based optical modules like those shown here, these kinds of products may be inspected at high speeds using standard linescan camera based systems.  High intensity, extreme uniformity, and precise optical structure are key to the solution of these applications.


The explosive market for CCD and CMOS imaging sensors has meant an ever increasing demand for systems that can properly qualify and test these devices. We have developed a range of OEM lighting/optics modules for testing stations which  characterize  these devices from the sensor level design stage through  final QC testing of completed camera modules used in everything from  laptops and web tablets to cell phones. The displayed unit has multi-wavelength capabilities with dynamic range of more than  70dB.

Industrial Scanning

Large Format

Up to 2 Meter Lengths


Electronically Tunable

Hot Steel Bar Inspection Systems

Detection of 6 Different Defects

Maps entire Circumference 

(5) Line Scan Cameras

Sealed and Water Cooled 1000 °F 

Speeds up to 40mph

Aluminum Surface Inspection Systems

Detects 5 Surface Defects 

Creates Surface Map

One (1) Area Matrix Camera

Multiple Auto Lighting Modes

LCD Inspection Systems

On-line Surface Characterization

Multiple High Speed Area Images

3 Defect Types

9 Lighting Modes

Micron Sized Defects  

Semiconductor Inspection Systems

On-line Surface Defect Detection

Linescan Imaging 2 Defect Types

2 Lighting Modes

Micron Sized Defects

Plastic Optical Film Inspection Systems

On-line Surface Defect Detection

High Speed Linescan Imaging

Micron Sized Defects  


Tools for Research & Development

EPI Illuminators

Implementing the latest solid state LED photon generating technologies, EPI Illuminators are configured to provide extremely high intensities in a robust and reliable configuration for through-the-lens (TTL) applications.  These compact units include all optical and electronic elements, simplifying OEM implementation. They are designed to inject light into standard TTL systems, surpassing single lamp or fiberoptic solutions in both intensity and lifetime.  Available in a wide range of wavelengths, including deep blue and ultraviolet for fluorescence applications.  These sources operate in continuous mode using onboard DC regulated current control.  Intensity is set using the integral potentiometer. Comes complete with standard table top power supply. Strobe operation and other custom configurations available. PDF Spec sheet available for download

LED Light Sources

Ultra Bright LED technology (UBerLEDTM) from Illumination Technologies eliminates costly and time consuming relamping - for years.  The UBerLEDTM series of Ultraviolet LED lightsources provide extremely high output levels of UV light in a much more stable and controllable manner than other UV lamp technologies. More power - more control.  And with their longer lamp lifetimes the cost of ownership is signficantly less than other UV technologies on the market.

Like all of our standard LED lightsources, the UBerLEDTM 50 offers exceptional reliability.  The novel design features a full line of field changable receptacle inserts, providing compatibility with most all industry standard UV fiberoptic assemblies.  And the IT exclusive heatpipe thermal management system is so efficient and reliable, the unit comes with a full 2-year warranty.

The UBerLEDTM 50 also comes in a variety of visible wavelength models including blue, green, red, and white. Custom, OEM and private label versions are also available - Purchase on line today or download the PDF Spec Sheet for more information.

Scientific Illumination Lamps

Don’t trust your precision application to a bargain priced projector lamp - not  all Tungsten Halogen lamps are equal.  To meet the needs of an increasingly demanding set of automated and scientific applications, Illumination Technologies developed its own line of precison high performance MR-16 based lamps.  These lamps are manufactured to quality and performance standards far in excess of those specified for use in standard illumination applications.  Unlike all other lamps in this class, each IT certified lamp is manufactured and 100% inspected to precise performance standards for photonic efficiency and spectral output.  This process ensures the user the most reproducible results, lamp after lamp, while also delivering the longest lifetime and the highest level of reliability in the marketplace today.  They are so relaible that every IT lamp comes with a 100% replacement guarantee.  Purchase on line today or 

PDF Spec Sheet available for download.

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